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When founders approached us, they had a Wix website for Charitize. It had a basic form input for volunteers, and provided a service listing page for the buyers. The donations and coordination between buyers, volunteers and community were manually handled by founders.

The website did not help founders to truly achieve what they had envisioned.


Design an end-to-end web app for three-sided marketplace, automating all processes like onboarding, booking volunteer services, donations for causes.


My Role & Experience

I participated on the Buyer and Organization pages, brainstorming about the onboarding, landing, checkout and profile pages.

My experience with Charitize has been an exhilarating one, working as part of a team of designers, in a super lean mode. I researched, designed, and continuously collaborated with multiple internal teams. With so many different types of users interacting on the same platform, it was critical to keep perspective of each user in mind when designing any pages.



Competitor Analysis

After gaining an in-depth understanding of the project, we deep-dived into researching competitors. Charitize is a new concept, so we explored beyond volunteer organizations, and looked at successful marketplaces like to understand user onboarding and engagement experiences. Below were 4 of the main marketplace apps we looked at:


User Analysis

We interviewed more than 20 people in order to understand users which helped us understand their behavior and motivations. All our users were member of at least one community. And, they all had either volunteered or donated within one year.

We categorized our questions into five main categories. Below are some key insights derived from the analysis:



After digging deep into understanding the product, its users and competitors, we broke off into multiple design teams. I personally focused on creating engaging screens for buyer and community/organization.

We started off with simplifying the user journey on Charitize platform. Since we were dealing with three different types of user, we had to continuously collaborate with other teams to create similar outcomes.



Landing Pages

Charitize had three different types of users — Buyers, Volunteers and Communities (or non-profit organizations). This required us to create three different Landing (Home) Pages as showcased below:


User Onboarding

Buyer & Volunteer Sign up page


Organization/Community Sign Up


Cause Profile Page (Private)

This is a private-view page for a Cause. It shows basic information about the cause (which also gets reflected on the public-view page of the same), fund collection till date, and analytics for all volunteer activities and contributions.

Org Profile Pg-01.png

Below is a prototype of analytics that can be used by community/organization to analyze traffic, activity and fund collection for a cause.


Validation testing

During the last validation testing, we tested our clickable prototype with 15 users (5 users for each user type). Here is a summary of the findings from the "buyers" testing:



With the complexity of this project and a short time-frame, we managed to create an engaging platform for each user type. Since, Charitize wanted to go live as quickly as possible. So, we needed to design features could that could be engineered more quickly.

For future improvement, I would like to do following:

  • Make responsive app design for mobile and tablet to attract younger audience.

  • Merge buyer and volunteer profiles into one user, so that the user can easily switch roles within the same profile without logging in with a different user id every time.

  • Allow communities to automate invites to volunteers who have previously worked them for other causes.

  • Create a ‘favorite volunteer’ list for buyers to allow them to quickly book their services instead of making searches every time.