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Charitize is a marketplace web app where users can buy and sell services with all proceeds going to the charity of their choice. 

Time: 6 weeks

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challenge and solution

When the founders approached us, Charitize was just an idea backed by the positive test results of a pilot test conducted by them. We had to design a three-sided marketplace for all user types — Volunteer, Buyer and Community/Organization.

I personally participated on the Buyer and Organization pages, brainstorming about their onboarding, landing and profile pages.




A quick preview of buyer’s landing page from the final product. More below about the process.

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Competitor Analysis

After gaining an in-depth understanding of the project, we deep-dived into researching competitors. Charitize is a new concept, so we explored beyond volunteer organizations, and looked at successful marketplaces like to understand user onboarding and engagement experiences. Below were 4 of the main marketplace apps we looked at:

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User Analysis

We interviewed more than 20 people in order to understand users which helped us understand their behavior and motivations. All our users were member of at least one community. And, they all had either volunteered or donated within one year.

We categorized our questions into five main categories. Below are some key insights derived from the analysis:




Landing Pages

Charitize had three different types of users — Buyers, Volunteers and Community (or organizations). This required us to create three different Landing (Home) Pages as showcased below:

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Sign up & Log in Pages

For buyers and volunteers, an easy 1-step sign up page is created. The purpose behind this to ensure quick onboarding for users. But, when a user wants to either buy/sell her/his services, s/he needs to mandatorily fill in the profile.



For organization/community, an easy 3-step process is created, enabling the user to feed some basic but critical profile information during the onboarding process. A more detailed profile can be created by going to profile section and feeding more information.



Cause Profile Page (Private)



Validation testing



FINAL Thoughts

This was one of the most challenging and exciting projects. Personally, I learnt the significance of division of labor and continuous collaboration with multiple teams. With so many different types of users interacting on the same platform, it was critical to keep perspective of each user in mind when designing any pages.

Our one of the biggest challenges was to ensure user engagement, giving them enough reasons to revisit Charitize website and the Cause they are associated with. Thus, we realized that having a strategy for user engagement since the beginning is critical for the success of any project.