Aprajita Ranjan

I design experiences.

I am a Product Designer passionate about deeply understanding people and innovating on their behalf. Growing up in small towns of India, everything around me arose curiosity. I would often wonder why something was designed in a particular way, and how I could make small changes to add value to its utility.

I’m a problem solver; not an artist. This childhood curiosity has evolved along the way into a passion. I constantly think about how people interact with different products, and immerse myself in the art of designing experiences that matter.

As a designer, I embrace design challenges by integrating the goals of users with the brand, and crafting optimum user-centric solutions.

My background in Finance has taught me that numbers tell a good story. During my Business Administration experience, I learnt the significance of gaining in-depth understanding of brand and its customer for deriving effective solutions. As a Designer, I learnt attention-to-detail. I draw on all these skills to approach each project with innovation influenced by data-driven insights.

I love bringing energy to the teams that share an ongoing passion for creating innovative products the best they can be.

Once in a while, I create stuffs to feed the artist in me.


Let’s BUILD great products together!

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